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The Technology Leader for your Network Security

macmon secure develops network security software, focussing on Network Access Control. Founded in 2003, macmon secure has grown from strength to strength, becoming the technology leader in the field of Network Access Control. macmon NAC – smartly simple!

macmon offers all the technology components required for secure network operations enabling central control and supervision of all network access. macmon is hardware & network equipment vendor agnostic and requires minimal installation and on-going administration. Due to the solution’s modular structure macmon handles different security requirements from authentication via MAC address and certificate based solutions in accordance with IEEE 802.1X to the implementation of Trusted Computing Group security concepts.

In addition to macmon’s network equipment vendor agnostic nature and extensive 3rd party technology integrations the macmon interface enables more effective enforcement of the centralised company guidelines and security policies. Being completely vendor agnostic adds further value to macmon’s offering by enabling secure network management regardless of any previous investments in network infrastructure components.

How can you benefit from macmon

  • Instant network overview
  • Activation possible within 24 hours
  • Simple, straight-forward daily administration
  • AD integration & dynamic rule creation
  • Hybrid authentication with and without 802.1X
  • Intelligent guest management
  • Integration with leading security products and protocols
  • Network access control for mobile devices
  • CC certified and network equipment vendor agnostic


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