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Leaders of Flash-Based Storage

Tintri is a leading provider of flash-based storage products for virtualised and cloud environments. Founded in 2008, the company has built a name for itself through its application aware smart storage that sees, learns and easily adapts to its environment.

Tintri’s flagship product is the Tintri VMstore, which focuses on managing and protecting data at the virtual machine level. As organisations have to deal with ever-increasing amounts of data virtualised applications and environments have become the norm, which makes Tintri’s VM-centric approach extremely valuable.

Tintri Distributor - Virtualise More with VM-aware Storage

Application Aware Storage

The fact that Tintri’s application aware smart storage is able to intelligently adapt to the needs of the customer means IT professionals can spend their time on more strategic initiatives to drive their business forward, rather than worrying about the security and performance storage infrastructure. Furthermore, it gives them the confidence to build, deploy and expand applications as and when they need to with the assurance that infrastructure is in place to support it.

The leaders and founders of Tintri, who have a background in storage and virtualisation, are responsible for building many of the solutions that have come to define the technology landscape.

Tintri is built around the ‘CEE-IT’ values. These stand for: customer centred, excellence fuelled, execution driven, innovation obsessed and team orientated. It is these internal values combined with its innovative, market-leading application aware smart storage that have enabled the company to grow into such a popular and successful IT provider in recent years.

Tintri Distributor

Zycko is a well-established Tintri distributor across the EMEA region, supporting channel partners with needs analysis, pre and post-sales support, installations and a portfolio of partner enablement tools. Zycko also supports partners with lead generation through its in-house marketing team and dedicated product management team.

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