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World Leading Software Company Specialised in Internet Security

OneSpan is a world leader in strong authentication and e-signature solutions, specialising in online accounts, identities and transactions. As a global software company, OneSpan serves a customer base of approximately 10,000 companies in over 100 countries, including more than 1,700 international financial institutions. In addition to the financial sector, OneSpan’s technologies secure sensitive information and transactions for the enterprise security, e-commerce and e-government industries.

OneSpan Products

DIGIPASS 2-factor Authenticators

OneSpan DIGIPASS provides strong user authentication and E-Signatures and is compatible with more than 50 international vendors for e-commerce, e-banking, e-networking and e-government applications.

Authentication Software Products

IDENTIKEY Server is an off-the-shelf centralized authentication server that supports the deployment, use and administration of DIGIPASS strong user authentication. It offers complete functionality and management features without the need for significant budgetary or personnel investments.

DIGIPASS Pack for Remote Authentication

Static passwords are the weakest link in your network security, exposing your sensitive data and applications to online fraudsters. The growing need for a much stronger virtual proof of identity is evident across all industries whenever confidential data and resources are involved.

DIGIPASS as a Service

DIGIPASS as a Service is OneSpan’s cloud based authentication service which makes use of OneSpan’s proprietary authentication technology. ASP’s can secure their entire infrastructure with DIGIPASS as a Service. Web application providers can focus on their core business while OneSpan takes care of all aspects of securing their network and applications in a service model.


MYDIGIPASS.COM is an online platform that allows web application owners to facilitate password management, while adding an additional level of security to the access log-on procedure. OneSpan allows website owners to freely integrate strong authentication using DIGIPASS® one-time passwords on their site for end-users to secure access to their services and content.


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