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Palo Alto Networks Unveils Cyber Threat Service

Palo Alto Networks, the leader in enterprise security, has announced the launch of the Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus cyber threat intelligence service, which provides prioritised, actionable intelligence designed to give customers a clear advantage in the fight against cyber threats.

With the help of AutoFocus, security practitioners gain instant access to actionable intelligence derived from billions of file analysis artefacts based on files collected from over 5,000 global enterprises and organisations targeted by advanced attacks.

Through the delivery of context, including the origin and uniqueness of particular threats, AutoFocus cyber threat intelligence can expose the latest tactics and techniques, identify large threat campaigns, and distinguish between commodity malware versus targeted malware.

As part of this new security offering, Palo Alto Networks has also enhanced the Palo Alto Networks Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection offering, further strengthening the firm's cyber threat prevention capabilities.

Unlike traditional endpoint security solutions, Palo Alto Networks Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection takes a unique approach to addressing advanced attacks on endpoints by identifying and blocking the techniques used by attackers attempting to exploit vulnerabilities or deliver malware directly to an endpoint.

Commenting on the enhancements, Lee Klarich, senior vice president of Product Management at Palo Alto Networks, said: “Cyberattackers are constantly developing new ways to compromise endpoints in an effort to gain unauthorised access to enterprise networks. The latest upgrades to our Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection solution continues to make it harder and harder for attackers to be successful.”

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