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Zycko Deploys VM Aware Storage Solution from Mellanox and Tintri

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data centre servers and storage systems, has announced that Zycko, an international specialist IT distributor of innovative IT solutions, has deployed a software-defined storage solution consisting of Mellanox 56Gb Ethernet networking and hybrid Flash VM-Aware Storage from Tintri. This pairing of optimized technologies provides Zycko with simplified deployment and data centre management while simultaneously lowering energy consumption and capital expenditures.

“As a distributor, Zycko has access to a wide range of innovative solutions and we have a culture of deploying the products we sell, within our own business infrastructure. This project required cutting-edge technologies that were fully integrated and offered us the best balance of performance and value,” said David Galton-Fenzi, CEO, Zycko. “Tintri and Mellanox stood out from the rest because both companies are guided by similar principles – providing solutions with optimal performance, manageability and scalability, all while decreasing the size of your data centre footprint and lowering costs. This multi-vendor solution has helped us improve our overall business functionality and has been such a success that we realized we could offer this solution and deliver this same commercial value to our customers.”

Zycko’s VM Aware storage solution combines a Tintri T820 and the Mellanox SX1012 40/56 Gb/s Ethernet switch. The Tintri platform is an easy to deploy and manage solution which enabled Zycko to begin migrating virtual machines onto it within 30 minutes of unpacking the unit from the box. The Mellanox switch provides tremendous space and cost savings, combined with unmatched performance.

“Tintri is the pioneer of VM-aware storage, so when Zycko approached us about deploying a new solution for their own data centre that would offer better performance and visibility, we were certainly up for the task,” said Andrew Lee, EVP Strategic Alliances at Tintri. “Even better that we were able to work with Mellanox, since we share a focus on reducing latency and costs. This collaboration has proven to be a success on several levels – satisfied customer, new partnership, and a fully validated solution ready for new customers.”

“Mellanox realises the benefits of providing fully integrated storage solutions and our open networking solutions enable companies to create virtualised private clouds that deliver exactly what they need,” said Kevin Deierling, vice president of marketing, Mellanox. “We were excited to partner with Tintri to build a simple yet powerful storage solution for Zycko and we recognised that this development had created a fully integrated, ready-to-use, turn-key VM aware storage platform. Zycko had the vision to offer this same platform to their customers deploying virtualised data centres to deliver the performance, and space cost savings that can propel businesses forward.”

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