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Zycko Solutions

Zycko solutions have been created to enable the IT channel to provide the best technologies and solutions to their customers without the burden of extensive investment or risk. Zycko has found that customers increasingly want to see their IT as a seamless utility with significantly reduced complexity and has thus created a portfolio of tried and tested best in class Zycko solutions that channel partners and their customers can rely on.

Building the right IT channel solutions portfolio to meet your customers’ exacting needs can be a lengthy process of researching the often conflicting claims of individual manufacturers and the real capabilities of the products. Zycko has the skills, experience and resource to do the due diligence for you, enabling you to increase your portfolio risk-free, and with resource focused on growing your business.

Zycko Services & Technologies Model

Solutions Model Zycko has an extensive suite of professional services and business services that we utilise to research the market, complete due diligence, provide partner enablement, create sales tools, fully support solutions, and help drive business generation. These services are wrapped around technology areas including network and communications, accessories and infrastructure, monitoring and management, storage and virtualisation, cloud and performance management.

Zycko Solutions

Zycko Solutions are a series of flexible and scalable solutions to fit real business needs, utilising example business eco-systems. The portfolio of IT channel solutions are both compatibility and performance tested utilising our extensive demonstration facilities. We welcome our channel partners to utilise our demonstration facilities for their own due diligence and customer demonstrations. To book the demonstration lab please visit here.
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