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Accessories & Infrastructure

The Accessories & Infrastructure Solution is a ready-to-go and fully supported solution designed to enable you to provide your customers with maximum data centre space efficiency, without compromising data integrity or operational ability.

Market Opportunity

  • Data centre costs will have more than doubled by 2012 – but only 45 per cent more floor space will be available – provide your customers an alternative way to manage their existing data centre assets
  • The issue of power management is rapidly increasing in importance up the database management agenda
  • Traditional air conditioning has proven to be both expensive and insufficient at maintaining a consistent temperature over all parts of the equipment that go to make up a data centre
  • The IT industry is now under increasing pressure to become more energy efficient, cost conscious and to produce more processing power and storage within a smaller space

You can help your customers realise the following benefits:

  • Ensure that your customers’ data centre is capable of growing as their data and processing requirements expand, without compromising expensive equipment, data centre growth or business continuity
  • Leveraging existing data centre assets which means that current network investment is protected
  • Knowing solutions are tried and tested by certified engineers and are vendor approved in Zycko’s dedicated test labs offers peace of mind and the confidence to make good technology decisions
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